Why I’m Running

I ran for School Committee four years ago because of how important having great schools is to Lynn’s hopes for growth and because I want to send my future kids to great Lynn public schools. That passion still drives me. On top of that, the District faces challenges from shifting external circumstances. I believe I can continue to help the District navigate those challenges as a member of the Committee.

Beacon Hill is working on the biggest overhaul of education funding in decades. State education officials are guiding implementation of enormous reforms to English language learner education. The City of Lynn faces serious financial shortfalls. And state finance officials have expressed skepticism about the city’s ability to pay for the new schools that we so desperately need.

I believe that drawing on my experience on the Committee, my legal training and my business background, I can continue to be helpful to the Lynn Public Schools as we face these external pressures.

Progress To Date

As we face these pressures, we continue to make progress on important issues.

  • Our new Superintendent, Dr. Patrick Tutwiler has hit the ground running.
  • Last year, for the first time in several years, the Lynn Public Schools was fully funded by the city in the eyes of the state.
  • We all know the value of meaningful activities after school. We have added three wrestling teams and a girl’s lacrosse team. Our “STEAM” (science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics) extracurriculars are more and more connected to what’s going on around the city.
  • We are building more pathways for students to college and jobs. For example, we have built a successful program for students around the district to learn job skills after school at Lynn Tech. Another example, Lynn Tech is adding an HVAC shop this fall. For more information about my ideas on this issue, please check out my Op-Ed in the Daily Item.
  • Other highlights include:
    • Social-emotional learning — Social-emotional learning is also called non-cognitive skill development or even character-building. When a student feels overwhelmed or frustrated, how does he or she react? How can students work well with one another? What’s their relationship like with their community and its civic life? What needs of a student are not being met and how can that be fixed? For more information about my ideas on this issue, please check out my Op-Ed in the Daily Item.
    • School nutrition
    • Positive behavior interventions
    • Advanced course offerings
    • Assault prevention
    • Civics curriculum
    • Teacher diversity
    • Financial literacy — LPS will offer a Financial Algebra course for 12th graders who need a 12th grade math course. Topics will include budgeting, banking, credit, car ownership, taxes, and the stock market. LPS will explore offering this course as an elective for any interested student
    • Addressing the opiates crisis — Adding pain management training for coaches, adding more prevention to the wellness curriculum and offering targeted wellness and prevention programs. For more information about my ideas on this issue, please check out my Op-Ed in the Daily Item
    • Tapping into crowdfunding — We adopted a new policy to allow teachers to use crowdfunding
    • Adding student representation — The School Committee now has a non-voting student representative
    • A school uniform pilot in three elementary schools
    • Parent access and engagement
    • I have listened to many parents, students, teachers, administrators and community members about problems they had and worked to help find solutions and connect them with resources
    • And more!

It has been an honor to serve with my School Committee colleagues and work with the Lynn Public Schools team and our partners to improve public education in the City of Lynn.  I look forward to many conversations about this work and ideas from other Lynners over the course of the campaign.

Lynn, and specifically the Lynn Public Schools, have both exciting momentum and ongoing challenges. I plan to continue to work on meeting those challenges to help our kids reach their potential so that we as a community can reach ours!


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