“Staying after school pays off at Tech” in the Item on the successful first semester of a great new LPS program

“I was very proud to have worked with the LPS team on this new program offering students from around the district the opportunity to learn job skills after school at Lynn Tech. I’m thrilled that it was such a great success in the first semester and has such a bright future. Congrats to the students! A special congrats to Liana [featured in the Item article and pictured in this post], who I know firsthand is terrific!”

– Jared


Jared’s Remarks From the Certificate Ceremony

First, you deserve to be congratulated because you tried something new. This was the first year we offered this program, and educational programs don’t work unless students like you put yourselves out there to try it and do the hard work to complete it.

Second, you deserve to be congratulated because you have learned real skills. Our great teachers and administrators, particularly Brian O’Connell who led the implementation of this program, have set you up to go forward with a real-life, marketable skill.

For some of you, that will be directly relevant to what you do for a living. The skill you learned and the initiative you showed to learn it will be a great leg up. But even for those of you who go into a different field, you’re better off because you’ve learned how to learn a new skill.

So congratulations, and thank you. Thank you for showing leadership and foresight in your own education and development by volunteering for this program, for taking advantage of some of the best that Lynn has to offer, which is right here at Lynn Tech. And thank you for showing others the way. As the first class, your success and the risk you took to try something new will hopefully pave the way for many more Lynners behind you to follow.