Reelection 2019

Lynn School Committee Reelection Announcement

I am excited to announce that I am running for reelection to a third term on the Lynn School Committee.

I ran for School Committee four years ago because of how important having great schools is to Lynn’s hopes for growth and because I want to send my future kids to great Lynn public schools. That passion still drives me. On top of that, the District faces challenges from shifting external circumstances. I believe I can continue to help the District navigate those challenges as a member of the Committee.

Beacon Hill is working on the biggest overhaul of education funding in decades. State education officials are guiding implementation of enormous reforms to English language learner education. The City of Lynn faces serious financial shortfalls. And state finance officials have expressed skepticism about the city’s ability to pay for the new schools that we so desperately need.

I believe that drawing on my experience on the Committee, my legal training and my business background, I can continue to be helpful to the Lynn Public Schools as we face these external pressures.

As we face these pressures, we continue to make progress on important issues.

It has been an honor to serve with my School Committee colleagues and work with the Lynn Public Schools team and our partners to improve public education in the City of Lynn.  I look forward to many conversations about this work and ideas from other Lynners over the course of the campaign.

Lynn, and specifically the Lynn Public Schools, have both exciting momentum and ongoing challenges. I plan to continue to work on meeting those challenges to help our kids reach their potential so that we as a community can reach ours!