Lynn School Committee Resolution In Support Of Eradicating Racism

Lynn School Committee

Passed unanimously on June 11, 2020


WHEREAS, recent events have yet again crystallized in our collective view the scourge of racism and white supremacy in this country: and

WHEREAS, silence in the face of oppression can rightly be seen as complicity; and

WHEREAS, inclusiveness is one of the core values of the Lynn Public Schools; and

WHEREAS, we understand that our students of the Lynn Public Schools, particularly our students of color, deserve to hear that we stand with them in outrage and in solidarity; and

WHEREAS, unjustified violence linked to systemic injustice like the killing of George Floyd reverberates throughout society and must be condemned in the strongest terms; and

WHEREAS, Black Lives Matter; and

WHEREAS, we understand that racial oppression touches all aspects of American life, including the experiences of our students and staff in the Lynn Public Schools; and

WHEREAS, there remains unfinished work in the Lynn Public Schools, including recruiting, supporting, and retaining a diverse staff (LPS Strategic Initiative 1.3); providing professional development opportunities for all educators focused on trauma sensitive practices, cultural proficiency, culturally and linguistically responsive instruction, and anti-bias curriculum (LPS Strategic Initiative 2.2); rethinking school discipline to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline; eliminating gaps in student achievement by race (LPS Superintendent Student Learning Goal); and more; and

WHEREAS, this unfinished work remains a top priority for the Lynn Public Schools; and

WHEREAS, we greatly appreciate and recognize the tremendous value of the feedback we have received from students and alumni about their experiences in the Lynn Public Schools and from student leaders about their astute recommendations for improvement;


RESOLVED: That the Members of the Lynn School Committee hereby recommit ourselves to the hard work of eradicating racism in our community.

FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Lynn Public Schools implement training such as Anti-Bias Anti-Racism and Cultural Competency courses into the mandatory Professional Development plan for all educators to take.

FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Administration of the Lynn Public Schools make publicly available the tentative plan for Professional Development for the Lynn Public Schools for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years by August 1, 2020.

FURTHER RESOLVED: That each secondary school of the Lynn Public Schools organize panels during the 2020-2021 school year consisting of a diverse group of students, faculty, parents, and alumni (“Inclusivity Panels”) and that such Inclusivity Panels be dedicated to engaging in topics surrounding implicit biases, recognizing privilege, and the role that cultural identity plays in both America and our educational systems.

FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Administration of the Lynn Public Schools make publicly available the tentative schedule for the Inclusivity Panels by August 1, 2020.