I’m Running For Mayor

I’m Running For Mayor

I’m excited to announce that I am running for Mayor of Lynn. I’m running to help with the recovery from COVID-19 and to provide leadership for growth that includes all of Lynn.

I would like to thank Mayor McGee for his steadfast leadership, particularly during the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19.

Going forward, we need to continue to learn and adapt to beat the virus and heal from the pain it has caused us. We must also address our long-term challenges. We need better schools, better jobs, better housing, and more peace.

My record of leadership on the School Committee and working with small businesses shows the experience I would bring to this role. My perspective as a Dad excites me about a vision for Lynn that prepares my young son to go anywhere but inspires him to love it here. My skills as a lawyer and professor trained at Princeton and Harvard Law and my ability to speak Spanish make me ready to step up as a Mayor who’s prepared, open, and inclusive.

Lynn can be a factory of opportunity, where we break down barriers of race and class and make bright futures possible for all of Lynn.

I look forward to a campaign full of conversations about the community’s vision for Lynn’s future. And I would greatly appreciate your support!

Thank you,