Advanced Courses 2018

Advanced Courses – 2018

AP Courses Currently Offered

AP Art

AP Biology

AP Calculus A/B

AP Chemistry

AP English Language & Composition

AP English Literature

AP European History

AP Latin: Vergil

AP Microeconomics

AP Spanish Language and Culture

AP Physics

AP Statistics

AP US History

AP US Government and Politics

Currently our high school students occupy 801 seats in AP courses in the district.

AP Courses Being Planned:

AP Psychology

Calculus B/C

Additional Advanced Coursework Update:  In order to create Computer Science courses in the high schools, LPS has sent two teachers to AP Computer Science training, and at least one more teacher will be trained.  The plan is to bring those teachers together to develop a course.

Early College at NSCC Spring Semester Offerings


CMP101  Composition I

CRJ101    Introduction to Criminal Justice

FFL 100   First Year Experience

MAT151 Precalculus I

MKT101 Marketing

PHI120   Medical Ethics

SPE102   Speech

Currently enrolled: 63

Gateway to College at NSCC

Six students are currently enrolled in this program.  This small program has shown encouraging success.  Two students have graduated high school with college credits thus far from this program.

Salem State University

There is one class of Composition I at Lynn English in partnership with Salem State University.