Better Infrastructure


  • Decades of disinvestment in our nation’s infrastructure is plaguing our communities.
  • Historical inequities in government policies mean cities like Lynn have been shortchanged on infrastructure.
  • Climate change has increased the urgency to fix public works due to the impact of severe weather, like flooding.

Jared’s Record

  • Pushed for new schools and capital project investments in our school buildings with colleagues on the School Committee for the last six years
  • Provided pro bono legal advice to then city councilor Brendan Crighton on a rezoning project to improve planning for development

Jared’s Platform

  • Set the table for growth through smart, sustained infrastructure investments
  • Particularly as new federal stimulus and infrastructure funds become available, build on the record of the McGee Administration in leveraging state and federal grants to make much needed infrastructure upgrades, like the projects at Olympia Square, Essex Street, and Western Ave
  • Improve walkability to increase foot traffic and accessibility, including extending the Northern Strand Community Trail to the ocean
  • Assert Lynn’s role as a leader on issues that affect the region by building on collaboration with other cities and towns and regional entities like the Metropolitan Area Planning Council
  • Make sure that growth works for Lynn through planning that’s smart, inclusive, and equitable, including making full use of the City’s new Planning Department