Lynn School Committee Resolution In Support Of Increased Federal Support And Stimulus Funding For Public K-12 Education

Lynn School Committee

Passed unanimously on June 11, 2020


WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic is a monumental and unprecedented challenge, emerging quickly and demanding an immediate overhaul of the instructional plans and strategies of school systems across the country; and

WHEREAS, the Lynn Public Schools remain committed to ensuring the health and safety of our students and staff; working with students and families to help provide access to basic necessities; and delivering high-quality instruction; and

WHEREAS, our Massachusetts Congressional Delegation: United States Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey and United States House Representative Seth Moulton, have advocated strongly for multiple phases of federal relief; and

WHEREAS, to date the 2,000 employees of the Lynn Public Schools have worked tirelessly to continue to provide our 17,000 LPS students and families with access to basic necessities and establish a remote learning program; and

WHEREAS, the Lynn Public Schools and the City of Lynn have maintained payroll for almost 2,000 district employees, providing stability to our community during economic uncertainty; and

WHEREAS, the Lynn Public Schools, thanks to the frontline bravery and hard work of our essential cafeteria staff, have been providing 10,000 meals per week to students in Lynn since the pandemic’s onset; and

WHEREAS, the challenges due to COVID-19 are expected to continue as the virus continues to affect our community and the economic fallout destabilizes funding for public schools; and

WHEREAS, reputable economists have predicted the end of the nation’s economic expansion and forecast a recession that may be deep and long-lasting; and

WHEREAS, any nationwide recession is likely to affect urban areas and their poorest citizens most severely; and

WHEREAS, the Lynn Public Schools, like urban public school systems across the country, are already incurring and will continue to incur substantial unexpected costs to provide meal services, purchase and deploy digital instructional devices, enable internet access and establish and advance a remote learning management system; and

WHEREAS, the Lynn Public Schools had expected urgently needed funding under the Student Opportunity Act of 2019 to start to address the unfunded needs that the district has to address the higher cost of educating student facing steeper barriers to learning, including English Learners and special education students;

WHEREAS, the barriers affecting hose higher needs students have been constant, even extended, in our shift to remote learning; and

WHEREAS, the Massachusetts General Court is expecting drastic declines in revenue; and

WHEREAS, it is times like these that the nation relies on the federal government’s ability to make national investments to shore up the national economy and national infrastructure to respond to national issues;


RESOLVED: That the Members of the Lynn School Committee join with the Superintendent of Schools in support of the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation, United States Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey and United States House Representative Seth Moulton, in their advocacy for additional federal education funding for our nation’s public schools.